Kick off for Summer of Fun!


The first day of summer officially kicks off our Summer of Fun!  This tradition started five years ago and it’s the way the kids and I spend the summer.  The idea is simple: we promise to do at least one fun thing per day.  Some things take all day and some are very short. They can be anything from doing a craft, to going to a museum, going to the pool, playing outside at a park, or just having a movie night with popcorn.  I will post our Summer Bucket List as soon as the girls complete it.

The purpose of summer is fun is to remember to do things as a family while the girls are off from school.  We want to make as many memories as possible.  Usually, I will write about some of our trips as a way to remember them in later years.

Since then, we have found new ways to spend time together, and setting an intention really reminds us how valuable our time together is as a family.

The first thing the girls do before summer starts is to make a “Summer Bucket List” of things they want to do this summer.  We usually start this before Summer begins in the Spring, and slowly add to it.  I’ve found this helps to make a running list from where to start and expand from there.


Our first summer of fun included a Snow day with fake snow, making craft jars, and visiting a local lake for swimming a few times each month.  We also set a few things the kids want to learn each summer.  They can be simple things like learning to eat with chopsticks or learning script.

Some years we plan one big trip.  One year we did a family trip to San Diego.  Other years like this one, we don’t plan a big trip, but we stay home and find local drives to do each Sunday.  You can find ideas for some of these drives on . These drives create many memories and some are in local distances.  We also make a list of community events and local sites to see throughout the summer, like summer festivals, local zoos, and amusement parks.  Each year is different, but we also make tons of great memories.

We love sharing these ideas and all our adventures. It’s a cross between a digital scrapbook, a way to share the fun things we do with our family and friends, near and far. We hope you have a Summer filled with fun too and set an intention to spend the summer this way, instead of buying toys!


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